Mermaid Possessions
Mermaid Possessions
Mermaid Possessions
Mermaid Possessions
Polished Dreams

Mermaid Possessions

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This treasure chest is filled to the MAX with gem stones only the fairest of Mermaids can possess! Each chest is made unique and will never have the same stone combination. Shapes, sizes and quantities vary from chest to chest. This product contains 1 Chest and a mix of 

  • Crystal AB ss 3
  • Crystal AB ss 4
  • Crystal AB ss 6
  • Crystal AB ss 10
  • Crystal AB ss 12
  • Crystal AB ss 16
  • Crystal AB ss 20
  • Fancy Shape AB Strip 
  • Fancy Shape AB Triangle
  • Fancy Shape AB Water Drop
  • Fancy Shape AB Oval
  • Fancy Shape AB Teardrop
  • Fancy Shape AB Skull 
  • Fancy Shape AB Kite
  • Fancy Shape AB Rhombus 
  • Fancy Shape AB Pear Drop
  • Large Water Drop AB Crystals
  • Triangle 3D Nail Charm Crystals
  • Triangle Flat Back Gems AB


How To: Use Stick It To Me Gel to adhere gems in place, cure in lamp for 60 secs. For extra security outline with a little nail glue.